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The Great Debate On

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The Project

The Challenge
To redesign the debate format to be entertaining and informative at the same time

Dandileia logotypeWe think the people of the world are in great need for debate. And not just two people altering to act out their prewritten arguments from the prompter, or freaky people yelling before throwing set-decor. That why Tomas Seo, Christina Jeuring and Henrik Ahlén took on to redesign the debate format.

Designing is not only about looks, today it’s more of how to predict interaction of people and how to build successful platforms for engaging meetings to take place. The first debates were a huge success and the next will soon follow.

And, yes Mr Seo also designed the project logotype and did some wordpress-theme customizing.

Wished there was a workplace like Google in marketing consulting?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Then a job at Dandileia’s new endeavour could be just what you are looking for!

Dandileia logotypeAccount Manager
This is a full time position based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Job:
The primary responsibility of an Account Manager for Dandileia is to bring in new business. This means you’re a focused, proactive self-starter who knows how to identify prospective clients and are confident in first contact situations.

* You will be responsible for setting up meetings, writing proposals and you must have a strong ability to close business.
* You are required to devote 20% of your time to persue a dream project that will help our company.
* You are required to devote 10% of your time to study and research and deepen your field of expertise.
* Flexible location. As long as you hit the targets you can work were ever you like. But we do require you to be in the office for specific meetings.

The Person:
* You consider yourself to be innovative.
* You like science and you define yourself as an academic person.
* You have a healthy balance between documenting and refining your process on how to do stuff and just doing it.
* You have enthusiasm for helping clients, not just closing deals.
* You think that having a life is good for business.

The Requirements:
* BA/BS degree, MBA preferred, and minimum of 5 years experience required.
* Ideal candidate has experience in management consulting or in a marketing or sales role in an advertising or design agency with strong customer-facing.
* Expertise in a direct sales organization is preferred.
* Proven success of new business development.
* Excellent, creative written and oral communication skills. (Fluent in Swedish and English)
* Outstanding presentation skills.
* Strong interpersonal skills.
* Understanding of the advertising market.

And no, we are no were near being the Google of Marketing yet, but not even Google was built in one day. So apply now by sending a resume (or an URI to your Linkedin profile) and a description of what dream project you want to pursue.

» Apply now!

Inspired by Paris Hilton.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Font inspired by Paris Hilton

Dandileia logotypeFrom the fascination of Paris Hilton’s ability to keep her handwriting naive in an adult age came the inspiration to design a new script font: Paris Xoxo Script. Paris doesn’t come in regular so the font is Light and Bold only. So for all of you that always wished that you could be more like Paris here is your chance.

Paris is of course free (as in beer) both for distribution and for non commercial use. No need to ask just do. For instance the font Paris Xoxo Script is a excellent choice for designing legal documents.

» Donwload Paris Xoxo Script Now

Mr Seo Goes to Washington

Monday, June 18th, 2007

A Swedish Tiger

The Client
Göran Gillinger

The Challenge
Translating a Swedish icon to an American audience.

Dandileia logotypeAs with all theater posters the goal for the design is ultimately to fill the seats. But since this is Mr Gillingers first play in Washington DC the job was also to introduce him to a new audience. The play is named A Swedish Tiger which is a reference to an well known information campaign with iconic graphics here in Sweden. In the US the graphics is less known so the solution were to paraphrase J. Howard Miller’s Rosie the Riveter. The play is about how the Swedish people handled them self the second world war, and the message is that it is still relevant for people to speak up when we disapprove of how a war is handled.

» Look Closer

Hello designer!

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

The Client
The Association of Swedish Designers

The Innovation
The first dating site where entrepreneurs can meet designers.

Dandileia logotypeSweden needs more innovative companies and a proven way for countries to breed more innovation is to encourage creative people to co-found multi-disciplinary companies with people outside their own industry. That’s why Tomas Seo pitched the idea that The Association of Swedish Designers should set up a match-making site where entrepreneurs could find designers to partner up with in 2006.

Together with Söderhavet, now mostly know for launching the first virtual world embassy in Second Life he developed the concept further and finally Silvia Media coded the whole thing. So that’s it and we are proud to say Hello designer!

» Visit Hello designer!

Dandileia is changing to WordPress

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Dandileia logotypeIt’s time for change. The Dandileia website has used Typo3 for a quite some time now. Since the WordPress engine worked so well on the Voccine project it was between that and Drupal that we used on the Hello designer project. Drupal has a more complex structure that is great for bigger websites so WordPress fits the fast and easy to update profile that Dandileia needs. This is live designing folks so for the next you will witness how things here goes from an empty shell to yummy content. Next stop is the portfolio so you can see what we’ve been up to before.

Six degrees of Diligentia

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Corporate Identity Design for Diligentia

The Client

The Challenge
In a just a few weeks make a new corporate identity design for a large company.

Dandileia logotypeBarbro Ohlson Smith contacted Tomas Seo to help her develop a new corporate identity design for Diligentia, one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies in just a few weeks. Mr Seo took help of Frid Horsnell Design for the design exploration and then he contacted the good people at Pangea design to help out with the final touches. This is a great example of designers strapped on time, working together towards a common goal equals a happy client!

Breaking News: Voccine in the New York Times

Friday, February 9th, 2007

A Swedish Tiger

Dandileia logotypeSince launching Voccine has got a lot of attention but this is the first from over seas. New York Times writes about Voccine and shows a photo of the pop-up invitations Dandileia designed for Voccine’s Oscars Party. » Read Now!

Exploring of the World of Podcasting

Friday, May 19th, 2006


The Project
Voccine – Pop Culture, Because It Matters!

The Exploration
Understanding podcasting and pop culture as a marketing tool.

Dandileia logotypeThere is no better way to understand a culture than to be a part of it. Decentralized media means that broad marketing campaigns have less impact, so if you want to be mainstream you might consider thinking niche. That’s why Tomas Seo and Christina Jeurling is launching their podcast: Voccine. Christina Jeurling is a television journalist. She has worked as chief editor for Stina Lundberg Dabrowski (30 min interviews with international leaders and cultural personalities), the talk show Late Night with Luuk, Henrik Schyfferts Dokument:Humor and many more. She and Mr Seo have been looking for a project where they can work together for quite some time now and this is it.

Dandileia designed the logotype and the avatar illustrations but the end game for this endeavor for Mr Seo is to gain knowledge how future clients could benefit from this new medium and from pop culture associations in general. And of cause to have fun ride while exploring.

Famous pop culture journalist Jan Gradvall writes in the national business paper Dagens Industri: Förutom sina egna åsikter hinner de i sina hyperinitierade halvtimmesprogram – den oinvigde uppmanas att googla för att förstå alla referenser – leverera fler tv-nyheter än någon annan svensk nyhetsbyrå eller tidning. » Read the unbridged story at .

Yes, the quot is indeed in Swedish, so is the podcast, however if you don’t speak Swedish you can still listen to the interviews. » Yes, I need to listen now!

Wyeth wasn’t depressed

Monday, November 1st, 2004

Dandileia logotypeHabanero and Tweed wanted their client Wyeth to have a series of creative but structured workshops so that they could re-invent their web channel about depression Contactus. The solution was to engage Tomas Seo to lead the workshops. The result where documentation of an updated content structure so that Habanero could start to build the website.