About Dandileia

June 16th, 2007

Tomas Seo

Dandileia logotypeIn 1997 Tomas Seo decided to take on some freelance work as an Art Director and that’s why Dandileia was born. Since then Dandileia has always been in the frontline of new marketing concepts. From TV, CD-Rom and Internet to Branding, Corporate Identity Design and Podcasting.

Dandileia is still Tomas Seo’s company and the core business is still marketing, but now the method is to gather dream teams of freelance problem solvers. In a fast paced world we need experts willing to make magic in the time it used to take just to create the first presentation.

The most innovative people in Sweden today can’t stand to go to an office every day. So they cherry pick clients that really needs innovative minds and can back up the talk with action. Innovation can be a risky business but Dandileia demands results that really gives the clients value, so every one in the team knows that there are a defined upside for the client even before the project starts.