The Phorecast Session. Two team enters. One team leaves!

January 3rd, 2008

The Client

The Challenge
To design a service that rewards collaborate between different disciplines of consulting experts.

Dandileia logotypeTomas Seo has been working on designing a new business model for a marketing consulting firm since last year, and now Dandileia is proud to announce that the new concept is taking off. Here comes Phorecast!

The basic concept is that Phorecast gathers two teams of innovative thinkers and doers enters a thunderdome and three days later one team leaves with victory. They will battle in creating innovative plans describing for the clients how to conquerer the future using only their bare minds, and a laptop, oh yes and the internet. You might want the more business like presentation of how Phorecast uses their innovative process to gain new business for your company, like with processes models and graphs, then you should go to the Phorecast website and read more. And they are also hunting for fresh innovators willing to battle.

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