The Facebook pandemic reaches Sweden.

August 16th, 2007

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Dandileia logotypeLike a new chain letter virus Facebook, the already overpopulated social network site, finally conquers Sweden. Dandileia takes action by publishing what you need to know to keep up with the newest geek-speak at coffee breaks.

Why now?

Facebook started as a US-college site and has been restricted to US for a long time. In Sweden we linked people in for a while but that site is all about business, Facebook is about wasting time. So back from the summer vacation Swedes started to spread this time waster from office to office and all with the excuse that everybody is doing it, and it’s going to be the next big thing I have to keep up.

What’s new?

Facebook were basically like Orkut, MySpace, Lunarstorm, LinkedIn or what ever networking site until they had the brilliant idea that they should open it up for external developers. This means that all that information on who knows who is within reach for all who can buy a coder. Last year there was a huge shortage on coders that knew how to use the Facebook Applications API. But for most people in Sweden the only thing that is new about Facebook is that there is finally a community where grownups can play around without looking for love or feeling weird about their age.

Show me the money!

There is two layers of using Facebook for commercial reasons right now. The first is plain and simpel start a Group. Since Facebook is hot it shows that you are hot if your organization has a group here. This will probably fade as soon as people realize that most groups are inactive, however groups in communities has always been a small part of usefulness and a big chunk of identity. You are the sum of the groups you belong to.

The second, and more useful way to make money is building a Facebook application. There is a lot of junk applications out there so if you really want to do this you better know why you’re doin it. Facebook is global so if you want to take advanage of the virus like Facebook-effect then the general advice is that if you have less than a two continent market in mind then don’t bother. The investment is problably greater than the reward but that of cause depends on what return on investment you need to show your boss.

What’s next?

Facebook will be the talk of the town for this fall 2007. However Facebook is not important. The implications of Facebook opening up their user database to external developers are mindblowning. Think if you had the code wizard from companies like Amazon, PayPal and Flixer working on making your website more popular. Soon you might.

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