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Mr Seo Goes to Washington

Monday, June 18th, 2007

A Swedish Tiger

The Client
Göran Gillinger

The Challenge
Translating a Swedish icon to an American audience.

Dandileia logotypeAs with all theater posters the goal for the design is ultimately to fill the seats. But since this is Mr Gillingers first play in Washington DC the job was also to introduce him to a new audience. The play is named A Swedish Tiger which is a reference to an well known information campaign with iconic graphics here in Sweden. In the US the graphics is less known so the solution were to paraphrase J. Howard Miller’s Rosie the Riveter. The play is about how the Swedish people handled them self the second world war, and the message is that it is still relevant for people to speak up when we disapprove of how a war is handled.

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Hello designer!

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

The Client
The Association of Swedish Designers

The Innovation
The first dating site where entrepreneurs can meet designers.

Dandileia logotypeSweden needs more innovative companies and a proven way for countries to breed more innovation is to encourage creative people to co-found multi-disciplinary companies with people outside their own industry. That’s why Tomas Seo pitched the idea that The Association of Swedish Designers should set up a match-making site where entrepreneurs could find designers to partner up with in 2006.

Together with Söderhavet, now mostly know for launching the first virtual world embassy in Second Life he developed the concept further and finally Silvia Media coded the whole thing. So that’s it and we are proud to say Hello designer!

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Dandileia is changing to WordPress

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Dandileia logotypeIt’s time for change. The Dandileia website has used Typo3 for a quite some time now. Since the WordPress engine worked so well on the Voccine project it was between that and Drupal that we used on the Hello designer project. Drupal has a more complex structure that is great for bigger websites so WordPress fits the fast and easy to update profile that Dandileia needs. This is live designing folks so for the next you will witness how things here goes from an empty shell to yummy content. Next stop is the portfolio so you can see what we’ve been up to before.